HR Department Outsourcing

If you feel advice by way of one of our retainer package for HR advice isn’t going to be enough to keep your business on-top of the UK employment laws or HR issues then why not consider outsourcing your entire HR Department?

Are you aware that for every 100 employees the best practice to manage those employees / workers is to also employ 1 – 2 HR professionals?

The problem for most running their business is this – HR is not what you do – you don’t want to get ‘bogged down’ in recruiting an HR professional(s) when thats’ not what you do on a day-to-day basis.

How can you be sure that whomever you are hiring is going to be able to adequately handle the wide variety of people issues within your Organisation? Plus, the ‘cost’ of getting it wrong when you hire a poor HR professional can be incredibly high.

It might be that your business is about to become involved in a particularly intensive period in terms of HR issues, perhaps you need to make a number of collective redundancies or you are about to buy another Company?

LIME HR can help!

We can now provide you with as many HR professionals as you require. We can provide you with people at a variety of levels of experience and can help build a package for you based on the size of your Organisation and the number of issues you need dealt with.

The general rule of thumb for the cost of your HR function could be 3.5% of your revenue but by engaging LIME HR as an outsourced HR function this cost can be substantially reduced.

If you would like to retain our services to provide you with a bespoke HR department this is what it can encompass:

1. A variety of HR professionals at different levels of experience, be it; Administrator, Assistant, Manager or Director.

2. The service can be provided to you either on or off-site.

3. All of the HR team will be recruited, managed and trained by our own in house Employment Law experts each of whom have 20 years experience in both HR and litigation. This means you can also effectively cut down on some of your legal costs associated with employment matters.

4. The professionals can be contracted to work with you part-time or full-time. For example, we can discuss your needs and it might be you decide you need an HR Manager full time and a HR Administrator part time (or vice versa). We can also provide you with a team for an annual contract or a shorter fixed-term contract.

4. Professional indemnity insurance covers all of the advice and guidance our professionals provide – giving you additional peace of mind.

5. HR Software can be purchased as an add-on to help you manage issues such as sickness, holidays, maternity & parental leave, etc.

If you could like to obtain a quote please contact Laura on

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