If you work for someone else, there are times when you may need employment advice. You may be:

  • Negotiating a new contract and be unhappy with the restrictive covenants or notice periods;
  • suffering bullying and need advice on raising a grievance;
  • facing redundancy have been offered a compromise agreement that you need advice on.

LIME hr can help. We are available by email and phone and aim to provide you with prompt advice on the same day if possible.

We will work with you to try and get the outcome you want and explain the process at every stage with regular phone and email updates. It might be that the legal position dictates an outcome; for example we cannot stop you being made redundant if your company has followed a fair procedure. However companies do not always offer their employees everything they are entitled to and we may be able to negotiate a better pay off for you when you leave.

We are experienced employment litigators and can deal with Tribunal cases including the handling of negotiations with ACAS and full representation at Tribunal hearings.

We will provide you with an estimate of the cost at each stage; fixed fees can also be arranged.

We can assist with