Employment Tribunal Preparation

Our MD Laura says:

“In many years years of practicing as an Employment Lawyer not one of my employer clients has ended up in an ET after following my advice. In essence, I specialise in minimising the risk of ET claims substantially by ‘managing’ cases which can, on occasion, be ‘built’ by unscrupulous employees. This is an ethos which is integral to my business and anyone who works for me”.

We often meet new clients for the first time when they come to us having received notice of a claim. If that happens we will provide you with an estimate of costs on a case- by-case basis. We usually recommend Counsel’s advice at an early stage as it saves time and money in the long run; we have a good relationship with several Chambers.

We have an excellent record of settlement or dismissal before the case progresses to substantive hearing either settling with the employee and their representative or via ACAS.

The cost of using our services to defend a tribunal claim (excluding Counsel’s fees) can be paid as a fixed fee or taken from the equivalent retainer hours. Discrimination cases are generally more expensive than simple unfair dismissal as they tend to be more complex. If the matter settles early on we will only charge you for the hours that you have used.