About Us

Owner and Employment Lawyer – Laura Milne

The Company was founded by Laura Milne, a Scottish qualified Solicitor and Employment Law expert since 1999. Laura is owner and Managing Director of LIME hr.

In 2004 Laura moved to London and spent the next few years working as a Solicitor in the City. Here she developed her love of training and coaching and discovered her ability at putting what some believe to be a complex area of law into words that the lay person could easily understand.

Laura then decided the time was right to branch out on her own and set up LIME hr; a UK Employment Law & Human Resources advisory service.

Laura has worked with literally hundreds of Companies; large and small, and recognises the need for pragmatic sensible advice which ensure the running of the business is as smooth as possible despite the inevitable Employment and HR related issue. She is an excellent communicator, something which is core to the business and to each member of the team.

Laura is happy to speak at functions, training sessions, seminars and we can prepare any bespoke presentation for your particular business needs.

Barrister – Kevin Harris

Kevin is an Accredited Mediator and highly experienced Barrister used to attending the Employment Tribunals and UK Courts. Kevin has represented both employers and employees in a number of high value cases, including one where his client received damages of over £120,000 for unfair dismissal. Kevin is particular interested in bullying, harassment and discrimination claims.

Mediator – Joanne Milne

Joanne Milne MSc. MA (Hons) is a UK-based Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist, licensed on Harley Street, and a member of the BABCP. Joanne also works as an organisational Performance & Leadership Coach, and an accredited workplace dispute resolution Mediator.

Joanne is experienced in facilitating individual therapy as well as groupwork for improvements in teams at work.

Joanne uses a variety of therapeutic methods and is also trained in stress and anxiety management, relaxation, motivational and other important methods.

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